Enrich your child’s mind, body and spirit with the excitement of West African drumming and dance!
African Arts in Education is excited to bring together authentic dance and drumming workshops of select West African cultural groups. Students will gain new perspectives and attitudes through African culture as they learn the fundamentals of traditional music and movement.

African Arts in Education’s African-drumming workshops for children and adults focus on the rhythms of West Africa, with our master drummers leading students on an uplifting, collaborative journey into the creation of a unique, living sound. Seated in a drum circle, each participant gets the chance to play. Authentic djembés, dundun and other instruments are provided. Our workshops can be adapted to festivals, exhibition halls and office floors, and are always a “hit” with young and old alike.

Traditional West African dance is an expression of culture in its purest form – a high-spirited, rhythmic dance experience. Accompanied by live drumming, the class brings together body, mind and spirit in an energetic union of the music, dance and oral tradition of the people of West Africa. With the great variety of movement and nuance, students will engage every muscle of their body. With the invigorating connection with the drums, they will engage every part of their spirit. Children who dance reap benefits that enrich all facets of their life and enhance their personal growth and development.