We promote African and African-influenced music

African Arts in Education is a charitable project of Crocodile River Music, which promotes African and African-influenced music, including Brazilian, Caribbean and flamenco. Our common goal is to increase awareness and appreciation of African art and music throughout New England by bringing the African diaspora to life for students in a visually stunning and engaging musical performance.

  • “Trinidad 2 Timbuktu” is a high-energy, global music journey through Mali, Spain, Brazil and Trinidad. A colorful and dynamic performance, “Trinidad 2 Timbuktu” lifts audiences out of their seats and on to their feet with its unique synthesis of dance, rhythm and song.
  • “Bamako 2 Boston” is a high-energy, participatory concert focusing on the music and dance of Mali, West Africa. The capital of Mali is Bamako, which literally means “Crocodile River,” so who better than Crocodile River Music to be your guide on this journey. We feature many authentic instruments from Mali, including djembe, dundun, balafon, n’goni, calabash, talking drum, and karingya. This truly spectacular performance features performers with direct links to Mali and traditional costumes to virtually take you on a journey to the Crocodile River of Mali. With the complementary methods of lecture/demonstration, concert performance, and hands-on interactive experience, this program will be one your students will remember all year – and perhaps all their life!
  • “Nairobi 2 New England” is being developed and we look forward to adding it to our roster in the near future.