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Fourth grader

All residencies include a month-long art installation and a musical assembly. Authentic African instruments for the workshops will be provided by Crocodile River Music.

African Arts in Education’s school residencies brings the excitement and history of African culture to students through West African dance and drumming workshops and live concerts by professional performers and teachers from Africa and America. We also lend a collection of African art to each school for a month’s time, allowing teachers to use these artifacts as teaching tools for students to study. Residencies are fully customizable for students of all ages and abilities, and can range from one day to an entire week. Our goal is to enable participants to experience the rich cultural history of Africa while awakening their creativity with the transformative power of music, art and dance. For schools, we can play a valuable role in integrating the arts into curricula with our Core Plus programming.


  • Art Installation – A display of pieces from the Gallery of African Art collection of African masks, statues, jewelry, sculptures and instruments will be installed in your school for up to one month.
  • In-School Classes (Drum, Dance) – Master drummers from Africa will provide hands-on West African drumming instruction focusing on technique, rhythm, interdependence and cooperation. For this full-day residency, we will supply authentic instruments for up to 30 students at a time. (also up to 60 students per class for dance…) Possibly make this with two sub-categories – drum and dance)
  • Assembly ConcertCrocodile River Music’s performance of “Trinidad 2 Timbuktu” will take your teachers and students on an interactive musical journey through Mali, Spain, Brazil and Trinidad. This whole-school, 45-to-60-minute assembly will occur on the same day as the residency program. (note, alternate Assembly programs include Didakan, and Nairobi to New England)

Dooni Dooni

(Little by Little)
1 Day
  • Up to 6 classes, drum or dance, Assembly Concert + 1-month long art installation in your school

Chi Wara

(Digging Deeper)
3 Days
  • The 3 day residency includes everything in the the Dooni Dooni 1 Day Residency + 2 additional class days.

Bama Biliba

(The Great, Big Crocodile)
5 Days
  • The 5 day residency includes everything in the the Dooni Dooni 1 Day Residency + 4 additional class days.